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Social Security Appeal: What Do You Do When Your Claim is Denied?

The Social Security Appeal Process

Don't be alarmed or put off if you are turned down to receive Social Security benefits by the Social Security Administration. The majority of first time social security applicants will be denied benefits (roughly 74% are denied on their first attempt to receive SSI or SSDI benefits), so don't become disillusioned and give-up on the process since it is often a lengthy social security appeal process.

Since the Social Security Administration already has your application, the next step is to go through a social security appeal process. SSI Associates help clients win their SSDI or SSI claim appeal by representing them before an Administrative Law Judge.

After receiving a letter from the Social Security Administration denying your claim your next step is to appeal the process, which must be done in writing within 60 days of receiving your benefits denial letter.

Phases of the Social Security Appeal Process:

  • Reconsideration
  • Hearing by an Administrative Law Judge
  • Review by the Appeals Council
  • Federal Court Review

Reconsideration is a complete review of your claim, plus any new evidence you may want to submit.

A hearing before an Administrative Law Judge is the second phase of the appeals process. If you disagree with the decision made during the reconsideration phase this is the next step to take. Your case will be heard in front of a judge who had no part in making the original decision about your benefits claim. At this time you may be asked to clarify some issues and add new information that you deem relevant.

Review by the Appeals Council may or may not be granted. If the Appeals Council believes the decision of the Administrative Law Judge was correct your request may be denied. If you are given the go ahead the Appeals Council may make the decision to grant you or deny you benefits.

The Federal Court Review comes into play if you are denied benefits from the Appeals Council or if you disagree with their decision. At this level you must file a lawsuit in a federal district court.

It's important to know your rights during the appeals process. At SSI Associates it is our job to make the appeals process easier on you and to win a final outcome in your favor. Call today for a free consultation and achieve disability results!