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Social Security Claims: Why You Need to Hire an Attorney

In some cases the process of obtaining Social Security benefits, whether SSDI or SSI, can be done without the aid of a social security attorney, but statistics show that most people are more likely to receive their benefits if a professional litigator, with experience and knowledge about SSDI and SSI claims, represents them with only their best interests in mind.

With clients throughout the United States, SSI Associates has vast experience in developing and winning disability claims throughout the social security appeal process. Knowing how difficult and frustrating the process can become, SSI Associates understands and wants to help you get through the maze of red tape and paperwork that is sometimes required by a federal agency to deliver social security disability results.

Free SSI and SSDI claim evaluation

Appearing before Administrative Law Judges throughout the United States, SSI Associates gets results for their clients and makes it possible to get them the benefits they deserve. We are a team of professionals with years of experience processing and filing disability claims with the Social Security Administration. And as always, we never charge a fee until you are approved to receive your benefits.

What to expect when you are represented by SSI Associates

  • You pay only if you receive your benefits
  • We charge $6,000 or 25% of all past due benefits, WHICHEVER IS LESS
  • Our fees are deducted from your first check so there is never a worry about future payments
  • If you are not approved, we do not get paid – it’s that simple

What our clients get by hiring SSI Associates

  • An experienced social security attorney that knows exactly what is required by the Social Security Administration to grant approval of your claim for SSDI or SSI
  • All aspects of your case, including complicated paper work, will be handled in a professional and timely manner
  • We will maintain contact with you and your doctors to get the evidence we need to win your case
  • Getting past government red tape and long lines to make sure your paper work is filled out correctly the first time
  • Having a confident attorney by your side throughout the entire process
  • Your attorney will always be available by e-mail or by telephone whether you have been denied for social security benefits or are a first time social security applicant

Call now and let SSI Associates handle your SSI or SSDI claim. We know how difficult your situation is and we want to help you get the benefits you deserve. We have made it easy and effortless to get you the benefits you are entitled to.

Get started with us by submitting a Free Disability Claim Evaluation of your situation.