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Disability Results – What SSI Associates Do

SSI Associates attorneys practice exclusively in the area of Social Security Disability Law.

Having a national practice dedicated exclusively to the practice of Social Security Law allows us to dedicate ourselves fully to your case. Social Security Disability is a complex and intricate area of law demanding specialized expertise and competence. Our Social Security lawyers are thoroughly vetted, trained and experienced; you can count on us for the highest level of representation. Many firms hire non-attorneys to represent their clients, at various levels during the Social Security appeal and hearing process.

We hire only experienced, competent and well-trained disability lawyers to represent you.

SSI Associates

SSI Associates attorneys and staff are sensitive to the pain, suffering and financial stress suffered by most of our clients, so we pride ourselves on caring professionalism and maintaining the highest standards to help you achieve disability results!

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Our Mission & The Appeal Process

At the initial application level, the Department of Social Security determines if first time applicant claims meet agency standards for adult impairment.

Upon the agency's initial review, a majority of cases are found to have not met the basic requirements for the various listings of adult impairment. This may be for a variety of reasons: your file may not have adequate medical documentation or you may need to see a specialist, such as a Rheumatologist or Neurologist in order to prove your case. Sometimes you'll need to have a special test performed to prove Social Security eligibility. Most people, because they do not have medical insurance, do not have ready access to such specialists or tests.

If you have received a denial letter, let SSI Associates help. We appeal the Social Security Agency’s decision and work with your health care providers to help obtain all relevant medical records and documentation. It is your constitutional right to have your case reviewed by an administrative law judge within the Social Security Agency. Once a hearing is scheduled, SSI Associates lawyers will travel nationwide as your representative, arguing your case.

A substantial number of cases are denied at the initial application phase. If you have already applied for Social Security Benefits and have received a denial letter, call SSI Associates.

**You only have sixty days from the date of your denial letter to file an appeal**

We represent thousands of people just like you every year with our qualified representation. Fill out our free claim evaluation with us now if you have been denied for either Social Security disability insurance or supplemental security income claim.

SSI Associates - Our Priorities

Unlike many law firms that see you as nothing more than a file or a case number, we are committed to representing you though every level of the Social Security disability application and appeal process. We understand the stress, depression and anxiety that applying for Social Security Disability can entail. Our attorneys are more than competent; they are compassionate, caring people have made it their life’s work helping the disabled.

Many people who call us after receiving their initial denial letter are surprised to find how much more human and easy the process of appealing for benefits can be with the proper advocate.

We look forward to serving you to achieve disability results.